Planetary Strike

Planetary Strike is a board game of strategy set in space that takes your mind beyond chess. The goal is to protect your planetary system while attempting to conquer an opponent's planet and dethrone him in order to rule the universe. Set on a round checkered board, the game provides opportunities for 2 to 6 players, for ages 8 to adult. Created by local game designer Mike Chouinard, all items produced and assembled locally. Game price range is $10 to $25. A portion of proceeds are donated to Pug Rescue of Florida in support of dog rescue and adoption.

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I'm Mike Chouinard, game designer and owner of Claim to Fame Games. Planetary Strike is my first board game, and it took several years of play testing, and tweaking the design and rules until it was perfect. I self-published in August 2015 and Planetary Strike made its debut at Maker Faire Orlando that same year. All items are produced and assembled locally. We've sold over 4,000 games internationally and have received all 5-star reviews on Facebook, as well as a professional critique by Sahm Reviews. We've now taken it to the next level and have been busy developing the digital version of Planetary Strike, coming to an app store near you soon!