Potheads by Amber: Potheads in Process

Potheads are whimsical hand sculpted little succulent planters. I want to take this opportunity to show people how they are made. Not with the intention of recreating the subject, but as a way to satisfy curiosity and get excited about clay. My idea is to set up a small ceramic studio where I will be working on my potheads. I will show my different techniques for sculpting, my tools and the different phases of the pothead production. I will have an area where I will work in wet clay, sculpting the potheads and area for painting potheads in the second and third phase. A few finished Potheads will be on display. Nothing will be for sale at this time.

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Potheads by Amber

Potheads by Amber

Potheads are whimsical little succulent planters, or small sculptures with a function. They are hand sculpted from clay, handprinted with a color clay, black washed and fired three times. All made by Amber, a self taught sculptor who started out teaching kids and beginning adults ceramics in Chicago Illinois.