Ransom Robotics Team entry to Robot Ruckus!!

As our team entries for Robot Ruckus, we will be bringing 2 of the 15lb "DogeWeight" robots (Saitama and Lecter) as well as 2 of the 3lb "BeetleWeight" robots (French Revolution and Angry Calf). Lecter came in 2nd last Spring at the Miami-Dade Youth Fair, as well as taking second place at BattleBeach Lite in Daytona the prior September. French Revolution came in First Place at the Youth Fair, and lastly Angry Calf was the victor at "RoboSLAM" last February (also in Miami-Dade). These are some pretty serious little machines, designed, constructed, maintained and operated by High School Students. Come see us fight, break, rebuild and fight again. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!!

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Ransom Everglades Upper School

Ransom Everglades Upper School

Ransom has been making and competing combat robots for at least a dozen years. We have in-house CAD, Milling, 3dprint, Metal Hardening and more. We have also explored Arduino, operate a FarmBot, and of course have VEX EDR teams at the upper school and VEXIQ at our middle school.