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Repeat Robotics

Ablation was designed to drive fast, hit hard, and be cheap and easy to repair. Ablation is 20-8 after 6 events in 2021
Notable finishes include - 1st - Rose Rumble 2021 2nd - CROK Creek County Melee 2021 2nd - CROK Maker Faire Tulsa 2021 2nd - CROK Tinkertober 2021 5th - Smashbots LA 2021

Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 21R-73


Repeat Robotics

Repeat Robotics

Repeat Robotics is a combat robotics team that is bringing a beetleweight robot to compete at Robot Ruckus