RobotSakers FTC #17613

RobotSakers started during the 2018-2019 season of the FIRST Tech Challenge and developed a robot to compete in the year's game, Rover Ruckus. After experiencing our first season and learning the ropes of robotics, our dedication to spreading STEM skyrocketed and we want to extend our mission to Maker Faire by demoing our robot. Our exhibit will showcase our bot, how we built it, and how you can get involved in FIRST.

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FTC Team #7579 RobotSakers

FTC Team #7579 RobotSakers

RobotSakers was launched as a FIRST Tech Challenge program by a group of students with an interest in engineering and robotics. Our team’s mission is to inspire young people to become leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by developing partnerships with industry professionals to solve annual engineering challenges put forth by FIRST. We are building a foundation of technical skills, social skills, and values to create leaders in the STEM community.