The Boca Bearings 3D Body Scanner is an all in one solution for 3D scanning. The subject stands on a rotating platform while a Microsoft Kinect (generation 1) sits on a rail which can be moved up or down to capture a whole body as the subject rotates in place. A laptop running Skanect takes in the image data and creates a mesh of the person standing on our rotating platform. These meshes can be exported as an STL to be 3D Printed or sent to any 3D modeling tool for further refinement.

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Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings

Boca Bearing is a proud supporter and bearing provider for makers all over the world. Based in South Florida, Boca Bearings provides all types of bearings for robotics, remote-controlled aircraft, 3D printers, industrial equipment- you name it! If it rotates, it probably has our bearing inside of it!