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This exhibit is about color, linework, and characters, and how we experience them. Much of the work has been brought to life directly from the dreams of the artist whether that be an actual vision or just a feeling. These small vignettes include characters that are brought to life in an effort to make the viewer feel something they may have forgotten or a dream not quite within reach. Colors that evoke confidence, strong lines, and the movement of watercolor play together to tell a sometimes spooky story.

Categories: ArtFabric ArtsHandmadeSewing

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OG16 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-30


Shannon McElroy

Shannon McElroy

Early on, my mom instilled in me a love of crafting. She learned from her mother, so I guess you could say I'm continuing a family tradition! I have been crafting since as far back as I can remembers and I primarily work in watercolors and enjoy testing a wide variety of styles from realism to pop art. I also work with fiber arts and love playing with colors and patterns to create quilts and other linens. Sharing my crafting process is important to me. I love to learn from others and show people what I'm working on an different easy techniques to use to get started. I am by no means a master but I sure am a maker!