Silly Sock Puppets

Join us for a silly sock puppet booth! Create your own sock puppet using recycled socks, buttons, beads, fabric, accessories, and more! Check out the display sock puppets created by 1st and 6th student teams from Park Maitland School to gain inspiration for your ideas! 6th Grade students will then guide attendees to use the Design Thinking process to transform a sock into their favorite characters from superheroes, to video game characters, to animals. Finally, take your new sock puppet creation with you to travel around the Maker Faire!

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Park Maitland School

Park Maitland School

Students from grades 3 through 6 of Park Maitland School take part in programmed Design Thinking classes twice a week. In their newly renovated Maker Space, students hone their 21st Century Skills of collaboration, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking through project based learning. Students are encouraged to tinker and are taught the design process through different modes and hands-on learning experiences. Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math all play a role in their learning! Students further share their learning to authentic audiences through showcases, hands-on exhibits, and by creating learning experiences for others.