SMART Lab 3.0 Pop-Up science museum

Exploring science concepts should be a fun, interactive experience. The SMART lab 3.0 Pop-Up science museum allows families to discover the wonder of science through hands-on interactive activities. For example, at the bed of nails activity, families place a balloon on a bed of nails and add large wooden blocks until the balloon pops. Due to the number of nails, the balloon will not pop until about 25 pounds of blocks have been added! The air cannon station allow families to see the result of the air vortex as the sequin wall shimmers and moves. The wind tube provides an opportunity to explore air and design the best flyer. Other activities explore the concepts of density, gravity sound and more.

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Smart lab 3.0

Smart lab 3.0

I enjoying exploring museums- I love science museums, unfortunately there are just not enough science museums. So I design and create pop-up science museums that allow kids and their families to discover science in a fun interactive setting