Solar Powered Hydroponics Bucket

The demonstration will show how one can re-purpose a food grade quality five gallon bucket to a hydroponics growth system. The system can be used as a set and forget hydroponic system, but with the addition of solar power more nutrient demanding crops, such as tomatoes and peppers can be grown more successfully. The system will be set up using Hydroton clay pebbles as the growth medium. A solar powered fountain pump powers a drip system that pumps nutrient solution over the plant roots. This solar powered hydroponic growth system can be reused multiple times and provide a means to grow vegetables in a relatively easy, cost effective and water conserving manner.

Categories: Sustainability




I am a retired science teacher and former research biologist. In my retirement, I have explored a number of interests, gardening being one of them. In 2013, I became a master gardener for Seminole county. I have been involved in a variety of projects and one of my favorites is "set and forget" hydroponics. With this interest and my passion for promoting recycling, I have put a different spin on the method in an attempt to make it visually appealing and practical for anyone to grow their own food.