The Amazing Keryx

The Amazing Keryx is a hands-on performance based on the universal principles of Joseph Campbell. Guests can visit a real life Zoltar machine (movie BIG 1988). The Amazing Keryx is an oracle to heroes. A common figure on a heroes' journey is a mentor with a unique object, map, and kind words that spark the call to adventure. The cards are used to discuss current difficulties and reveal positive solutions. References to classic stories or modern movies are easy examples that prove they are not alone in their human struggles. It also points out that it has been done before and you can too! Or talk tech: My podium is CNC aluminum enclosing 20m of el wire & reflective fabrics. My cosplay has Litex 1.5m sleeves and I hope to add a palm held POV if I improve my soldering skills enough. Cards are hand-made wood or digital print. Magic, fused glass stones I made (as part of 2018 are used for my new extended readings. The second footprint in my display is an art easel with a sample of my comic book art: "Self Portrait" includes a LED circuit and 3D scan/printer figure (Miami Maker 2016). I have "SpiriTech" animals- Bristlebot tiny robots that skitter on my table top between readings. Last Minute Addition: New series of paintings. CAVEBOTS edition is painted by Bristlebot robots. UV paint and LED blacklights built into canvas. Premiering at MFO19!

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Vyd Keryx –

Vyd Keryx –

Independent studio artist with an MFA from FSU. My artwork is focused on HERO. I combine principles of Joseph Campbell & Bob Rauschenberg with Pop Culture materials. My hometown is Sanibel island, Florida. Art Handler. Member of IATSE 647: setting up broadway plays in local theaters; I specialize in video.