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The Candy Kart

How fast can $500 go? Well that is a great question that our Kart inspired by Venelope's awesome kart the Wreck-It It Ralf movie is going to answer.

We will also be exhibiting 2 heavyweight Battlebots, Blip and Tantrum inside Robot Rukus

Categories: BattleBotCombat RobotsElectric VehiclesEngineeringPower Racing

Exhibit Zone: Power Racing Track

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 21-187


Seems Reasonable II

Seems Reasonable II

Seems Reasonable is a collective of mechanical and electrical engineers, robotisists, tinkerers, makers and creative people operating out of a suburban garage in silicon valley. We make big combat robots, electric go karts and many other fun and often highly engineered projects.