The Next Level Pc Quadro: a wall-mounted Pc with integrated video-projector

The Next Level Pc Quadro is a home or office computer model with a unique and revolutionary design, which blends abstract art with the latest generation technology. It is hung like a picture and projects the image onto the opposite wall via an integrated video projector.
Form and function are often "intertwined" in what we call "design", the innovative and unusual shape of the 'Next Level Pc Quadro' does not detract, but adds, to the functional side of the PC. In summary, the PC has the shapes of a retro and cyber-punk style panel, to hang on a wall, it has a contemporary-art aesthetic that is to say it takes up those colored shapes of Mondrian's paintings both in the form of acrylic painting and in the form of bright colored lcd. You will have a hanging picture in your living room or office (rectangular in shape, as shown in the photos) that will decorate your home, your living room. The electronic part of the pc is hidden inside the panel, therefore it is only visible - tendentially, a slot for inserting DVDs / Cd roms, a series of USB ports & sd-card slots, and some air intakes to cool the internal pc.

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Stefano Pacini

Stefano Pacini

Individual , aged 42 yrs old, from Italy (born in Italy and actually living in Italy); university degree in Law in 2004 ; Male; technology fan and retro-computing collector; designer: computer design