Time Warp Tailor

As a tailor and milliner, making hats and clothing for adventurous gentlemen and ladies I collect ....souvenirs....as I travel with my friend Mr. Verne, which I incorporate into my work. My last ensemble included an 18th century skirt, a Victorian corset, a leather coat from 1970, and something called a "power suit" from 1990, though I cannot imagine what power it may have wielded since it revealed nothing of the feminine wiles which I find so reliable. Look for 1940's aprons styled into modern skirts using 18th century design and construction methods; hats made from gelatin molds, and vintage jewelry-trimmed fabric totes. I am the costume designer for Opera Orlando's Steampunk "Tales of Hoffman" as well as dozens of productions from musical theatre to serious historic events. I accept short term apprentices as introductory hat-makers.

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Kim Welborn

Kim Welborn

I grew up travelling the world and now bring the world into my creations. I have costumed dozens of professional productions, from Opera Orlando's steampunk "Tales of Hoffman" to historic reenactments and Carnegie Hall concerts. As the TimeWarpTailor I travel with my friend, Mr. Verne, collecting...."souvenir?"...clothing pieces which I incorporate into my wardrobe; one recent ensemble combined an eighteenth century skirt, a 1970's leather trenchcoat, a Victorian corset and a 1990's 'power suit'.