The UroCycler Automatic Bladder Management System

This totally unique and proven medical system utilizes a precision, passive, low-cost, non-intrusive magnetic valve attached to the outer end of a Foley indwelling catheter, to serve as an external PROSTHETIC sphincter muscle. In addition to preventing reflux of septic voided urine flowing back into the bladder from the collection bag, this system provides the benefit of sensing bladder filling pressure while allowing the bladder to fill and automatically flush out the body's liquid wastes in a NORMAL CYCLIC manner. The FDA-protocol observed results are amazing, because the REDUCTION IN Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) has been proven to be 90.9%!

PREVENTION of infections in all patients dramatically ENHANCES QUALITY OF LIFE and REDUCES suffering, deaths, and healthcare COSTS. This booth illustrates the principle of operation plus the patient-safety and user-friendly features of this "Modern Marvel" (History Channel), patented, life-saving medical system, thus helping to solve a problem which kills an estimated 271 Americans per day, now using a significantly Medicare-Reimbursed extremely effective new product.

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Dr. David Flinchbaugh is listed as the inventor on hundreds of patents. He has a PHD in physics and a long history of innovative designs. He has been the president of Inventors Council of Central Florida for over 40 years and has helped hundreds of people move their ideas toward products.