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Valencia College IoT Scavenger Hunt

Visiting Maker Faire? Document your travels through Maker Faire by scanning your RFID card on the IoT node at each participating exhibit. Track your progress and compete to visit more exhibits than your friends in a set period of time. Win swag and get a certificate mapping your participation
Are you an exhibitor and would you like to host an IoT Scavenger Quest Station? As an exhibitor all you have to do to host a station is agree is to let us put the station somewhere in your booth accessible to the public
Also keep an eye out for nodes in other fun locations as well. We're hoping that the Scavenger Quest will encourage folks to roam more widely around Maker Faire, and bring them into contact with more exhibitors.

Categories: EducationElectronicsEngineeringInternet of ThingsSoftware

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OA22 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-101


Valencia College Embedded Workshop

Valencia College Embedded Workshop

The Workshop consists of faculty, staff, students and community partners all of whom work together to learn and apply knowledge of microcomputer software, hardware and related electronics to physical computing.