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V°trola: Synchronize Your Christmas Lights to Music

There’s a lot that goes into making the Christmas season special. From stressful shopping trips and cross-country travel to hours of cooking and the million little tasks in between – what makes it all worth it is those moments when you can sit back, bask in the holiday spirit, and reflect on the year gone by and your hopes for the next one.
Unfortunately, those moments have become a little harder to come by these last few years. That’s why we’ve created a device that helps recapture that Christmas magic through creativity and music. Light, durable, user-friendly, and tailored just for you, the V°trola box is a music player, adapter, and synchronized light show device packaged into a simple plug-and-play system.

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Split between the U.S. and Colombia, we are a small, passionate team of designers, engineers, and creatives making devices that enhance the human experience and leave room for more heartfelt moments in our lives. We each have a wealth of experience in our respective fields that we are each contributing to make our ideas a total success.