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Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor will be on display, and members of the team will be available to meet and greet. Come say hi!

Categories: BattleBot

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 22-144


Team Witch Doctor

Team Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is an award-winning competitor on the TV show BattleBots. It weighs 250 pounds, and battles with its dual skull-shaped disks spinning at over 200 miles per hour! Witch Doctor has been a 2x BattleBots World Championship Finalist, 2x BattleBots Bounty Hunter Champion, BattleBots Golden Bolt Finalist, and BattleBots All-Stars Champion. Team Witch Doctor is a fan-favorite known for competing in their custom-made skeleton jackets and top hats. The South Florida team is an avid advocate of robotics education through combat robotics, and their Witch Doctor Junior educational program includes free YouTube video lessons to help new builders get started. You can learn more at www.teamwitchdoctor.com.