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Worst Case Scenario

A bot whose name came about as its first competition drew closer. With dream-designs in mind, realistic compromises must always be made. It name isn't intimidating, because it isn't YOUR worst case scenario, its own design is the worst-case, time-crunch compromise of what we want to build, and had reasonable time to build. Behold, The mediocrity!
Worst Case Scenario is inspired by such bots as Biohazard, with it's 4-bar lifter/flipper arm. If weight permits, WCS will be powered by six 18v Dewalt drills, 4 on drive, and 2 on the weapon.

Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 21R-59


Alex Grant / A.G. Robotics

Alex Grant / A.G. Robotics

A.G. Robotics has been competing in combat robot tournaments since 2002, from age 11.