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Silly Rabbit Crafts

Join this silly Rabbit and she what's new. Lori is always updating her patterns for you to create items, and new pegboards and fun colors. If you do not have time to make something while in Maker Faire, She has kits to take home, and thousands of premade completed items for your collection, or a gift for a loved one!

Categories: ArtCraftHandmadeHands-On Workshop

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OD6, OD7 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-80


Silly Rabbit Crafts / Lori Fannings

Silly Rabbit Crafts / Lori Fannings

Picking up her first peg board in 2011, Silly Rabbit Crafts now travels to 18 different states a year, with over 260+ shows under her belt! Silly Rabbit Crafts has melted over 29.5 million beads turning them into anything from Earrings to art, and even into fish tanks!