Maker Faire Orlando Can’t Happen Without Makers!

We need people willing to share the things they create and their passion for making. Join us November 5 & 6 and help inspire thousands in our community.

There is no fee for individuals or community groups to exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando. There is a $100 seller fee for individuals to sell products you make at the event. Established companies, services businesses, retail businesses, and those looking to advertise are encouraged to sponsor Maker Faire Orlando which includes significant sponsor benefits. Startup businesses are encouraged to contact us at so that we can work with you to determine the best way to feature you based on size and startup phase.

Exhibit Applications


Our application deadline has passed. You are welcome to continue to submit applications and they will be added to our waitlist in the event we have exhibit cancellations. Interior space will be most limited, indicating flexibility on location (indoor / outdoor) will increase your odds of being accepted.


What You Will Need to Apply

Please create a compelling exhibit application, and choose pictures / descriptions that will be compelling to Maker Faire attendees. For examples of exhibits, you can view our maker exhibits page. You will have the opportunity to edit your exhibit application once submitted, and the Maker Faire Orlando team will contact you if you exhibit application does not contain enough information. Please ensure that you will receive emails from by adding the email to your contacts or prioritizing for your inbox.


Click Here to Apply


COMBAT ROBOT COMPETITORS: You will be emailed a special form just for Combat Robots after you register on buildersdb and are accepted into the competition - you do not need to complete this form.


Maker Faire Orlando is a curated event. We reserve the right to select exhibits based on proposal completeness, exhibit content, content diversity, items sold, and other factors.

Exhibits are not approved in the order received, and are reviewed and approved in batches. We will contact you via the email provided in the exhibit application if we need more information or when your application has been approved or rejected. We are an all-volunteer team and we appreciate your patience as we process hundreds of applications.

Unfortunately, we do not have space at the event for all exhibit applications. Please ensure that you highlight your exhibit with good photos / video / description when you submit. We also maintain a balance between selling / non-selling exhibits and a good mix of the type of exhibits.

Have any questions? Email us at