Exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando

Brassroots Leather exhibits at Maker Faire Orlando

Maker Faire Orlando can’t happen without Makers!

We need people willing to share the things they create and their passion for making. Join us and help inspire thousands in our community.

There is no fee for individuals or community groups to exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando. There is a $100 fee for individuals, small companies and startups to sell products you make at the event. Established companies and those looking to advertise are encouraged to sponsor Maker Faire Orlando which includes significant sponsor benefits.

Due to the uncertain COVID-19 environment, we are not currently accepting applications for Maker Faire Orlando 2020.

Getting started when our Call For Makers is open:

Step 1: Register for the Maker Faire Orlando Website. If you created an account to exhibit in a prior year, you do not need to create a new account, just login (and you can reset your password if needed).

Step 2: Create a Maker Profile on the Maker Dashboard on the My Account menu. Note: this page is only available once you’ve registered, verified, and logged in.

Step 3: Create an Exhibit Proposal attached to your Maker Profile. We will notify you about your proposal status as we do our rounds of approvals. The status of your exhibit proposals is visible on the Maker Dashboard. Please note that exhibits are approved by a curation process in several rounds, and are not approved based on submission date order.

Have any questions? Email us at makers@makerfaireorlando.com

Maker Faire Orlando is a curated event. We reserve the right to select exhibits based on proposal completeness, exhibit content, diversity, items sold, and other factors.