Check out the races live and in person at Maker Faire Orlando!

Power Racing is an fun filled racing experience where makers construct their own machines to go racing.  These machines have to look like a children’s ride on toy and meet a specific rule set.

The Power Racing Series is returning in 2019!  Do you have what it takes to build the best racer?

Want to learn the rules or more? Click here!

We are looking for some slightly crazy people with just enough engineering talent to be dangerous. Individuals and teams (friends, businesses, organizations) are welcome to join in the fun and to compete for Power Racing bragging rights!

You’ll take a Power Wheels vehicle (craigslist has the best deals…), and modify it with a big electric motor, then pilot it around the track for glory! The latest rules allow for fully custom vehicles, as long as they appear to have been designed for kids, or could have been a ride-on toy 🙂

You can keep it simple, or go crazy…

Check out this presentation from local PPPRS Builders at MakerFX on how to get into racing with us!

To enter the competition, email us at and we will send you the full information packet and help you get started on the road to victory! Sign up soon while there are still good vehicles on craigslist!