Live Robot Battles Return to Maker Faire Orlando!

Don’t miss the loudest exhibit at this year’s Maker Faire! Fighting robots will compete in different weight classes throughout the weekend in a double elimination tournament. Last year we had 70+ robots competing in 5 different weight classes: 150gram, 1 lb, 3lb, 15lb, and 220lbs. This year promises to be bigger than ever as returning competitors and new builders fight their way through the brackets to take home the 1st place title. Explore the list of registered robots.

Competitors include local builders of all ages with their custom-built fighting machines. Weapons such as spinners, lifters, flippers, pushers, hammers, and more will be making sparks and throwing opponents into the air all weekend! The robots will be competing in 2 arenas built specifically for robot combat. This is your only chance to see 220lb robots in Florida this year!


Matthew competes his first 3lb robot at Maker Faire Orlando 2016


Have you seen the TV show BattleBots?

NINE teams on the show are from Florida! Come see the real Witch Doctor and Hypershock from BattleBots and check out the damage from Season 2!



Team Witch Doctor exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando 2016. They will have the broken tombstone bar and other battle relics on display, as well as the Season 2 robot!

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