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Authentic Exploration Matters

This is the AEM Story.

We consist of a passionate group of experts committed to transforming education. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds, we possess firsthand knowledge and experience that enable us to effectively support educational innovation. Our primary objective is to empower educators by facilitating their access to essential resources, thereby enabling them to create authentic learning opportunities within their classrooms.

​We understand that teachers often face challenges in terms of time constraints, limited resources, and financial constraints when it comes to developing compelling lessons that foster student development. Our focus is on connecting educators with cost-free resources, experiential professional development, and partnerships that enhance purposeful content engagement with classrooms.

Authentic Explorations Matters maintains a database of highlighted organizations that supply free resources and help connect teachers with the supplies and materials. We offer experiential Professional development opportunities and provide mentorship to educators seeking guidance in STEAM and sustainability initiatives.

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Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM)

Authentic Exploration Matters(AEM)

Hello! I am Susan Peoski, Environmental Science teacher at Edgewater High School. I also have the privilege of being an Educator Ambassador for Authentic Exploration Matters (AEM). I earned this title when I was selected, along with 7 other FL teachers, to attend the AEM Educator Retreat this past summer in Key Largo FL. Thanks to AEM and a STEAM grant from the Anntte Urso Rickle Foundation, we were able to spend one full day at Marine Lab followed by one day at the Coral Restoration Foundation. We were immersed in hands on labs, interactive workshops, and snorkel exploration of the Mangrove ecosystems, as well as, the world's largest coral restoration project. This program was so empowering to each of us, finding like minded educators who want to bring real world sustainability and learning to our students. Ashley Holleran and Kirstin Cowan are the amazing educators that run this non-profit. The focus is on bringing enrichment, empowerment, and exploration to teachers. These two ladies have a wealth of education, certifications, and experience that make them experts in this area. They were a major presenter at the OCPS Green Schools Recognition Program Awards Banquet last week, and they continue to share their teaching tools at every opportunity. They built the unforgettable summer educator retreat with grants and funding that allowed 8 educators from K-12 public and private Florida schools to attend for free. That still boggles my mind as this was the MOST empowering experience of my 7 year teaching career. I could not think of a more enriching location for educators to see what AEM is doing. Below, please find the AEM motto, mission, and vision. This says it all. Empowering teachers, transforming minds, enriching futures. Our Mission To provide a free web-based platform for teachers who seek to promote innovation, collaboration, and inspiration through highly vetted science resources and experts. Our Vision Teachers have the tools to engage all students in relevant and purposeful content; relabeling classroom learning with a systems thinking approach.