Crystal Knockout

Crystal Knockout is home to our reduced-chemical & vegan nail polish line! It also includes bath & body items, jewelry, and even art, all with the same themes: self-empowerment and a deep appreciation for the beauty of mother nature. While you will be able to check out a small selection of all our items, our centerpiece will be, as always, our handmade nail polish (including the ever-popular color-changing thermals!). Our polish is 5-free meaning it doesn’t contain 5 major chemicals a consumer will find in commercial polish (toluene, camphor, DBP, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin). It is also vegan-friendly because we don't use any colorants that contain animal ingredients (such as carmine). If you're looking for something cool and different, we specialize in thermochromic nail polish, which features a specially blended formula that changes colors with temperature. Our polish comes in over 150 different shades and finishes, each one hand-mixed and bottled by us. We only use the highest quality ingredients, including oxides, micas, and solvent-resistant glitter. We strive to create an ultra high-quality product that is unique and fabulous, while also promoting the benefits of reduced-chemical nail polish.

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Candace Greggs-Gardner

Candace Greggs-Gardner

Born-and-raised in Orlando and a graduate of the University of Central Florida, Candace began running her own small business in 2013. Originally intended as an avenue where she could sell her crystallized phone case designs, it has expanded over the years and now includes event decor, home items, and the reduced-chemical nail polish line, Crystal Knockout. Candace is married to a fellow Orlando native, has two furry Chihuahua children, and loves music, nature, gaming, and Florida Gators football. She is also currently serving as the president of a local nonprofit, Helping Handmade, Inc., which organizes events featuring handmade artisans to raise funds for local charities (see for more).