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Digital Fiber

This exhibit offers a project-based overview of electronic textiles, particularly in the domain of technical embroidery.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity in Textiles: Demonstrations of textiles integrated with connectivity modules, providing insights into the capabilities and potential applications of interconnected fabrics.
LED Embroidery: A showcase of textiles incorporating light-emitting diodes within the fabric in a way that is durable and machine wash resistant.
Software Preview: An introduction to our in-development e-textile software. While not in its finalized state, this software provides tools and interfaces tailored for designing and programming e-textiles.
Sewable Hardware/Sensing: Microcontrollers, LEDs, Interconnects, Capacitive touch, Pressure Sensing

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Categories: ArduinoCraftElectronicsFabric ArtsFiber Arts

Exhibit Zone: Spirit - East

Exhibit Space: SE29 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-62


Rodney Trusty

Rodney Trusty

I run a startup that deals with e-textiles. We teach and offer software/hardware tools for e-textiles. These tools help engineers easily add electronics and sensors to fabrics in a dependable and washable manner.