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DuinoKit - Learn Coding and Electronics

DuinoKits will help to introduce Arduino based electronics and programming (C++).
DuinoKits are designed to make building projects fun and easy with no soldering to build electronic projects. Components are built into the printed circuit board for easy identification and plug and play connectors.
DuinoKits include online tutorials and instructions in conjunction with our online classroom. DuinoKits are complete with components and wires to build unlimited projects and hours of fun and learning. Build a Simon game, Lie Detector, K.I.T.T. Car light bar, Alarm Clock or you own creation. Unlimited projects and variations are possible. DuinoKits includes wires, carry case, assembled printed circuit board and an Arduino compatible microprocessor and online tutorials, instructions and challenges.

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Dan Alich

Dan Alich

I have been teaching Mathematics and Coding for many years and experimenting with electronics since I was a kid. While in college working on my undergraduate degree in Central Florida, I worked at a custom electronics facility where we developed and produced one-of-a-kind custom electronics for several large entertainment industries and national defense contractors. I learned about custom electronics design, and manufacturing practices and worked under strict government guidelines for projects, however most of the electronics of the time were not accessible to hobby users. After trying to start a robotics club in my school and discovering the Arduino platform, I developed a solution for a cost effective, challenging and educational platform to implement in my school. I am currently teaching and manufacturing DuinoKits. We are a family, US based business hoping to inspire the next generation of engineers and inventors.