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Florida Destination Imagination

Task based challenge: Build a tower with provided materials that can hold a cup of critters. Task/performance challenge: Using provided materials, create a critter that can climb, then tell us about your critter. In order to reduce congestion around our area, we can provide TRY DI! bags containing the challenge so that overflow can take the challenge away to try later or at home.

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Categories: EducationEngineeringHands-On Workshop

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OG3 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 21-32


Florida Destination Imagination

Florida Destination Imagination

FLDI provides the opportunity for student empowered learning while they explore STEM/STEAM concepts in a hands-on environment. Students own all decisions, creations, and results. We provide a space for creative problem solving so that participants learn how to think, not what to think. Our competitions are friendly and designed to motivate teams to reach for the stars, while also rooting for each other. This is all within a framework of global diversity as we encourage and celebrate differences in each other, and differences in ideas.