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Geek Dad Shop

Description: Small-scale manufacturing and technology company that focus on the DIY creation of toy for kids, popular trends items, and sci-fi content and fun gadgets. In this company, I will develop and use my skill in engineering to manufacture products. Manufacturing methods includes 3D printing, painting, Computer Aid Design (CAD), programing and others.
Mission Statement: Develop small-scale manufacturing and technology entity that is fun, full of learning opportunities, and that can allow me to connect with my hobbies. In addition, this company will allow me to share some of my skills, creations, and new leaning experience with my son.
Company Goals and Objectives:
· Goal #1: Have a STEAM develop company that allows me to grow my skills as an engineer, entrepreneur, and visionary.
· Goal #2: By means of interacting with costumers, develop business strategies, and interact with other business related activities to grow my interpersonal skills.
· Goal #3: Use my business to show my son and other potential kids about engineering, manufacturing, content creation and STEAM.
· Goal #4: Learning is a must in this company.
· Objective #1: Develop an economically self-sustaining business. As long as it break-even on time, energy, and money we are good to go!!!
· Objective #2: Have a positive costumer impact. These metrics can be measure by customer feedback on Etsy, art & crafts fairs, and any parent from the neighborhood that want to get some fun toy for his son/daughter.
· Objective #3: The business most not interfere with regular full-time job, parenthood, and family priorities.
Objective #4: Provide a college fund for Alan with the profits of the small business.

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Categories: 3D PrintingEducationElectronicsHands-On WorkshopRobotics

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Geek Dad Shop

Geek Dad Shop

I am an engineer with passion for STEM. Topics such as promoting 3D printing, electronics, robotics, and education are part of the objective of my little shop. I mainly focus on 3D printing toys, gadgets and robots. I share my hobby/small business with my son and he loves it.