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Generative AI from you

This centerpiece of the exhibit showcases the magic of AI in action. A large, high-resolution screen displays real-time generative transformations of visitors' faces. Using the data captured earlier, the AI algorithm morphs and blends features, creating unique and mesmerizing visual amalgamations. Visitors watch as their expressions evolve into entirely new personas, highlighting the AI's ability to create something novel yet familiar.

Categories: ArtIllustrationInventionPhotographySoftware

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OA7 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-75


seonwoo kang

seonwoo kang

My name is seonwoo, young maker who has maker movement and fair experience from 2014. I participated in the first maker fair in 2014 with my work with my parents. I live in Seoul, South Korea and I enjoy making something such as Toy, Game by using Design tools, 3D printer, soldering, Arduino, App inventor coding etc. When I make something, I use 3D printer, lazer cut machine, CAD tools like Autocad, Tinkercad, 123D and Arduino. Also, I like to create contents by using Photoshop, Clip studio.