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Green Ellipsis - Autotruder - Upcycling Beverage Bottles

Single-use plastic beverage bottles can be cut into long strips to be pulled through a heated die the same diameter of 3D printer filament. This not only recycles the bottle, but up-cycles it. We will exhibit the current state of the art, which is mostly a manual process whose resulting filament isn’t economically competitive. We envision an automated pultrusion process that accepts unwashed 2-liter bottles and produces quality filament with zero waste products. This is a multi-stage process, including bottle washing, bottle preparation, bottle cutting, strip pultrusion, filament winding, filament splicing, filament packaging and byproduct processing. Every stage is a candidate for automation.

Categories: 3D PrintingEngineeringInventionSustainabilityUpcycling

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OC22 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-130


Green Ellipsis

Green Ellipsis

Green Ellipsis aims to reduce waste through technological innovation. Come interact with our PET upcycling machine and watch us 3D Printer with your waste! Will accept cleaned 2L soda bottles~