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At Maker Faire, you can join in and support Helpertunity's charitable programs by donating /subscribing to sponsor the charity's unique community efforts; and take part in our faire-style fun and games! Enjoy Helpertunity's spin-and-win wheel / plush-rescue-pet adoption -or- try your hand at our unique Pond-Pong game for even bigger prizes! You might also enjoy shopping for handmade items from our Eco-Art & Craft Wagon! Just be sure not to miss participating in Helpertunity's Plastics-Recycling Community-Build; to save the planet by repurposing clean single-use bags and wrappers as a 'One-Minute-Maker' in our creative new 'Build-A-Brick-Barge Challenge' for 2024!

Categories: CraftFiber ArtsGamingSustainabilityUpcycling

Exhibit Zone: Spirit - West

Exhibit Space: SC8 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-118




Helpertunity is a volunteer-based 990N-sized 501(c)(3) charity, founded in 2010, that empowers elderly, disabled, and itinerant makers, their caregivers, and their community. The small charity collects and provides upcycled activity resources, craft supplies, and maker-training for its participants' creative and purposeful voluntainment. Helpertunity's community-volunteers visit nursing homes and other facilities to provide crafts classes, adaptive games, and holiday festivities. Our volunteers also pack kits for patients' independent/in-room activity. With our year 2020-2030 focus on eco-beneficial arts, technology, and vintage carnival-style gameplay; Helpertunity has been rescuing, researching, advocating, and prototyping ways for greater adaptive technology, accessible maker spaces & supplies, and eco play-space access for all ages and abilities.