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Isabel's Math Art & Tiny Designs

Isabel Lupiani makes 3D models of crazy resolutions at tiny scales. Her designs are often procedurally generated, with inspirations from architecture, mathematics, food, and nature. Her mediums include 3D printing, mold/casting, crochet/knitting, and laser etching with resin, plastics, fiber, wood, cement, and clay.

Categories: 3D PrintingArtCraftFiber ArtsLaser Cutting & Engraving

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OC4 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-27


Isabel Lupiani

Isabel Lupiani

Isabel Lupiani is a software engineer by day and maker by night, who enjoys handcrafting 3D models as much as procedurally generating them. She received her MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and has worked at several game studios in the past as an AI engineer for PC/Xbox games. Her book credits include Blender Scripting with Python: Automate Tasks, Write Helper Tools, and Procedurally Generate Models in Blender. Isabel currently works as a Lead AI Engineer in the automotive simulation industry.