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J2C Props and Printing

Multiple 3D printed display pieces that showcase the groups expertise in printing, painting, and lighting. The pieces demonstrate various techniques from electronics and lighting, to airbrushing and glow paint. All of the props and miniatures are 3D printed using ABS, PLA, and Resin in a variety of scales from 1/6th to life size. We've been 3D printing for many years and we are eager to share the techniques and experience we've learned along with visitors. Many pieces will be for sale

Categories: 3D PrintingComicsCosplayCraftProps

Exhibit Zone: Spirit - East

Exhibit Space: SJ33 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-26


J2C Props and Printing

J2C Props and Printing

A group of friends who challenge and encourage each other to learn and improve the quality of their 3D prop printing, cosplay, model making, and painting