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Kats Eye Creations

KatsEyeCreations.online is a dream realized. Many years ago my Aunt Rosalie encouraged and inspired me to pursue my dreams, my art. Although she passed away before she could see my pursuit, I know she's proud of me. I pour my heart into my artwork. Whether it's a story I'm writing or a I'm painting a hat, I put 100% of myself into everything I create.

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Categories: Art

Exhibit Zone: Outside

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 23-21


Kat Johnson Kats Eye Creations

Kat Johnson Kats Eye Creations

I use fluid paint to bring to life my vision on canvas, vases, shoes, hats, etc. I love to play w/ colors and textures, making a painting more than just something beautiful to see, but a full sensory experience. I want people to find joy in my art.