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Liftington Mcgee

Liftington McGee (Lift-ing-ton):
Is a 1lb FingerTech Viper kit (metal chassis) with a lifter add-on. She has upgrades to her motors for more torque, less speed. Upgraded armor for (hopefully) more durability during combat. As well as upgraded ESC for ease of maintenance during competition. Her wheels also have a standard liquid latex treatment for more grip in the arena. Her signature move is the FACE-LIFT.

Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Combat Robot Pits

Exhibit Number: 22R-14


Team Robotic Sponges

Team Robotic Sponges

Hello! I am Marissa, age 36 and my team consists of myself (Captain, main bot builder), my husband Russell (team engineer) and son Sawyer (team energetic hype man and backup robot driver). Our Team moto is - TEAM ROBOTIC SPONGES ... Here to ABSORB all the combat robotics knowledge! This is our very first build, very first competition and we are as rookie as you can get. This started with my son and I and our passion for BattleBots that roped in our third member who now loves the sport just as much as us! I am BEYOND excited to be Accepted and we cannot wait to learn all we can about the combat robotics community and fellow competitor's! I realize we have a very tall hill to climb in this sport but I (at least) am loving every part of the journey! Will we win? No (most likely not). Will we learn a TON and have so much FUN during the whole competition experience? YES YES YES!!! See you in the arena!