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Light Control for a Bronco

My progress of just using switches to turn on lights. To using microcontrollers, relays, and Rf to turn them on. When I first began I just used 3 switches in a project box. Then I upgraded to making a Adafruit Macropad like setup using 2 microcontrollers, 2 neokeys, relay board, rf transmiter, rotary encoder, and oled display. Then I upgraded again and brought an actual Adafruit Macropad and used a seesaw board to control a bigger relay board. And now I am working on making the whole thing wireless and using a rf relay boards. Since I am changing out my setup right now. I thought why not put my old setups on a poster board and show it off at Maker faire.

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Bronco Otaku

Bronco Otaku

Just a guy with a Bronco who likes to make stuff to make things easier for himself.