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Make Your Own Math

Magic square, soma cubes, fractals and polyhedra - try making beautiful geometric structures and solving puzzles with Orlando Math Circle facilitators

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Orlando Math Circle

Orlando Math Circle

We are a network of students, educators, & STEM professionals that facilitate engaging math enrichment classes and events for local K-12 students in Central Florida. Orlando Math Circle was founded in the tradition of Eastern European math circles where they have been part of the education culture for over a hundred years. Math circles were brought to the US in the 1990s by immigrants who wanted to provide a similar experience for their children. Now math circles can be found all over the United States, many affiliated with universities. We focus on logic activities that promote creative problem solving & critical thinking. We encourage people to play with mathematics and make mathematics their own by creating math stories, math art, doing math collaborations as well as exploring many other creative ways to enjoy the beauty of mathematics. Since the pandemic, we have broadened our reach to students that are far away because we now provide a variety of online classes and events. Our online events have reached students in and out of US with events like math festivals, Math Contest for Girls, and online problem-solving sessions. More about our mission and goals... - Attract and interest students in mathematics because it is the foundation of all sciences. - Motivate students to excel in mathematics by increasing confidence and curiosity - Open pathways for careers in STEM for all students and provide extra support for students who are historically underrepresented in mathematics. - Increase participation of economically disadvantaged minorities in mathematics - Prepare for mathematical contests - Encourage futures and careers linked with mathematics and science We will accomplish these goals by: - Helping students explore numerical ideas and concepts that are not normally included in the standard classroom curriculum through collaborative problem-solving sessions, puzzles, games, and discussion. Problem-based math circles challenge kids to think by themselves and are a means to level the playing field in STEM education for girls and minorities; - Encouraging and facilitating teachers from schools with economically disadvantaged students to bring these students to math circle events and sessions; - Providing math mentors with extensive mathematics backgrounds to develop the talent of students who are interested in math competitions and math research. - Providing extracurricular opportunities to build math knowledge and skills; - Providing guest speakers to facilitate problem solving and discuss how knowing math empowers you to do incredible things in your life; - Bringing opportunities to participate in competitive math events and work on competition math skills; - Giving opportunities to students to meet and work with other students of similar or superior math abilities and aspirations; - Providing resources including a math lending library and online math learning tools; - Providing advice on college selection, summer math programs and internships.