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Make Your Own Math

Magic squares, soma cubes, fractals, polyhedra, hyperboloids - think , create, play with and make your own beautiful math with the help of Orlando Math Circle facilitators. Stop by to solve a puzzle or make something beautiful and get info on programs we have going on this year in person and online.

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Orlando Math Circle

Orlando Math Circle

We are a network of students, educators, & STEM professionals that facilitate engaging math enrichment classes and events for local K-12 students in Central Florida. We focus on logic activities that promote creative problem solving & critical thinking. We encourage people to play with mathematics and make mathematics their own by creating math stories, math art, doing math collaborations as well as exploring many other creative ways to enjoy the beauty of mathematics. Since the pandemic, we have broadened our reach to students that are far away because we now provide a variety of online classes and events. Our online events have reached students in and out of US with events like math festivals, Math Contest for Girls, and online problem-solving sessions.