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MakerFX Makerspace

MakerFX is a makerspace located in south Orlando and is the group that produces MakerFaire Orlando! Stop by and see the latest creations from MakerFX Makerspace, learn about the community efforts we participated in during the pandemic, and learn more about our makerspace.

Categories: ArduinoElectronicsEngineeringMakerspaceWoodworking

Exhibit Zone: The Dark Side (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: SF4, SF5, SG4, SG5 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 21-120


MakerFX Makerspace

MakerFX Makerspace

MakerFX Makerspace - A community makerspace located in Orlando, FL with the tools, resources and community to help you bring your idea to life!