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Mollietees Creations

Molle of Mollietees Creations sews a lot of different kinds of cool and useful items - totes and purses, accessories, kitchen ware, pet toys and more - only using second hand clothing, primarily t-shirts. While she can't fix the fast fashion industry, she strives to do her part reducing textile waste and showing people the limits of upcyling are only your creativity.

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Categories: Fabric ArtsHandmadeSewingSustainabilityUpcycling

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Mollie T Cortes

Mollie T Cortes

I am a single person business who has been sewing professionally for 3 years and for fun for more than ten! I started by tailoring the oversized t-shirts I found in thrift stores and at anime conventions to fit better and soon realized that that was just the beginning to what I could do with a sewing machine. I am an avid cosplayer and find great joy in the goth and geek culture!