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MuvMotors - Make Your Projects Move

Controller for animatronics, creature features, mannequins, museum dioramas, and kinetic sculptures.
Stepper Boss Features: - Senses audience presence. - Stereo audio output. - SB_T41_4on_2ext board controls up to four small stepper motors, N11 or N17, and sends signals to up to two external stepper drivers so large steppers can be used. - SB_T41_7ext board signals up to seven large stepper motors. Any size external stepper driver, power supply, and stepper can be used. Need to rotate a car? - I2C signals to drive the optional LCD display with 3W stereo amp, extendable to other I2C devices you may use. - 1-Wire signal to measure several temperatures. Motors in an enclosure generate heat. Use this to design cooling. - Several uncommitted IO pins for expansion. - Compact at only 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”).
Accessories include: - SB_Exp board to mount onto the SB_T41_4on_2ext or SB_T41_7ext which provides perfboard areas for your circuits. - USER-IO_Stereo has the LCD, encoder/swt, and has a 3W stereo audio amplifier. - SB_Front Panel with the USER-IO_Stereo board provides LCD display and encoder with switch to provide menus of functions and enter parameters your sketch may need. - SB_Rear Panel_120V provides for connection of 120ACV, fuses for 5V and 12V, On/Off switch and uUSB for computer to Teensy 4.1 sketch uploading. - SB_Rear Panel_5V and 12V provides for connection of 5VDC, to 12VDC (up to 28.5VDC), 5V and 12V pilot LEDs, SPDIF audio jack, On/Off switch and micro USB socket for connection to computer.

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MuvMotors, LLC

MuvMotors, LLC

Move your projects with MuvMotors Stepper Boss products. Motion for animatronics, animated creatures, museum dioramas, mannequins or sculptures.