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Nerdy Derby

Nerdy Derby is a hands-on activity that invites you to decorate a small wood car and then race it down one of our tracks. The kids add weights use hot glue to make their cars looks awesome. A $5 workshop fee applies.

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4-H Exploding Bacon

4-H Exploding Bacon

4-H Exploding Bacon Team 1902, is a community based FIRST Robotics Competition team serving Central Florida. We have students from 4 counties, 14 schools and homeschoolers. We teach students mechanical, electrical, programming, and pneumatics along with non-technical skills like public speaking, leadership and team work. Our goal is to grow capable leaders who will make a positive impact. In 2019, 4-H Exploding Bacon became the first Florida team to win the World Championship Chairman’s Award, (now the FIRST Impact Award), the most prestigious FIRST Robotics Competition Award. We are also the founders of #FIRSTLikeAGirl. Our mission is to have fun doing cool things that help people.