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over engineered candy dispenser

A robotic candy dispenser. It has several parts 1. arduino MEGA 1. 3d printed cup dispenser 2. 3d printed candy dispenser using a archimedes screw 3. robotic arm that will get the dispensed cup move it under the candy dispenser and then bring it to the person wanting the candy. 4. e paper 400x600 welcome sign that will change from welcome to what to do to get candy when someone gets close by using a distance sensor. There will be a button to press to start the action. some of the part will be printed using translucent filament, the electronics , motors and wiring will be arranged so the so the observers can see what is going on.

Categories: 3D PrintingArduinoAutomationElectronicsEngineering

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OG10 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-85


Jim 42

Jim 42

Just me making stuff. been building thing with my 3d printer and using arduino electronics to create items from a washer and dryer messenger to let me know when the clothes are clean and dry to a temperature and sunlight monitor for my wife's orchids house. Former database and software developer.