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Robots R Us

A showcase of the robots designed and built by the Robotics Club of Central Florida. Categorically, the showcase will include some interactive robots used by the club in Outreach events, a couple of our competition robots, a few of our leisurely projects, and Tape-measure (Our Boston Dynamics Spot robot). Apart from the physical robots, we will have infographics that detail how we built the robots and what we use them for.

Categories: Combat RobotsEngineeringRaspberry PiRoboticsSoftware

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: SA24 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-151


Robotics Club of Central Florida

Robotics Club of Central Florida

The Robotics Club of Central Florida (RCCF) is a club based at the University of Central Florida. As a university academic robotics club, our focus is on building robots for the purpose of education, competition, research, and leisure. RCCF is made up of members from a number of majors in the university; Each of whom contributes to the creation of our robots and the club's functionality.