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Rogers Robotics

Rogers robotics started in 2016 as a father-son project between son, Jacob Rogers, and father, Jim Rogers. As Jacob Rogers went on to college at Florida Polytechnic University he shared his skills and knowledge with team purple fire and started the Combat Robotics section of the robotics club there. After graduating, he went on to build the first version of DROP KICK. This bot would go on to be a regional champion and represent the state of Florida at the Norwalk Havock robot league finals in December of 2022. The team then decided to open an Academy to teach young people in the Jacksonville area about robot fighting. After that the team expanded into the event hosting space and hosted our first event in an arena that we created on September 30, 2023 called Back Alley Brawlers. Many more events are to come from this team so be on the lookout on builders database and robot combat events.

Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Combat Robot Pits

Exhibit Number: 22R-8


Rogers Robotics

Rogers Robotics

Robot Fighting Team and Dojo