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Savage Canvas Arts

Hundreds of designs on dual image glow in the dark paintings and t-shirts. The background image is both glow in the dark and black light glow. Shirts are machine washable with dark colors and can be machine or hung dried. Custom/Pre-orders are available on the website, or by phone. We offer canvas sizes of 12x12 at shows, though larger sizes can be ordered. Shirts run from Kid sizes S-XL, Women's XS-3XL, and Men's S-5XL.

Categories: Art

Exhibit Zone: The Dark Side (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: SE4 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-10


Nick Savage

Nick Savage

Dual image, glow in the dark paintings and t-shirts. (One image is in color that is visible in light, the background image is glow in the dark/blacklight glow)