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Shake EVO

Evolving off of the successful design of Shake 3, Shake EVO intends to build from the previous 3 generations of the Shake series and up the competitiveness, durability, efficiency, and wins.
Using an all brushless setup, this bot is built for speed, control, and durability. Shake's objective in a fight is to take control of the pacing and space, using it's ground game and speed to take opponents where we want them, when we want them. The top hinged flipper can be used to launch bots out of the arena, as well as acting as the bot's self righter.

Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Combat Robot Pits

Exhibit Number: 23R-78


ELK Robotics

ELK Robotics

Combat Robotics team based out of MIami