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Suzanna Kaye Designs - for the Nerdy & Fun Home

High-quality nerdy & whimsical art and products for the home.
Featuring unique designs based on: Doctor Who Star Wars Alice in Wonderland Inclusiveness, Neurodiversity & Pride Whimsical lamps & lights Dachshunds DIY wood & craft kits & More!

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Categories: ArtHandmadeKitsLaser Cutting & EngravingWoodworking

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OD16 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 23-110


Suzanna Kaye Designs

Suzanna Kaye Designs

Suzanna Kaye Designs features art & functional pieces influenced by all the great nerdy & whimsical stuff we love. From Doctor Who & Star Wars to dachshunds & unique organizing tools you'll easily find something amazing for you or a gift. A passion for exploring new ways to layer & manipulate paper, wood & acrylic drives Suzanna Kaye to create new handmade pieces to share. She has a strong drive to inspire and share new ideas, techniques & inspirations and incorporates DIY kits and education into her products. Suzanna Kaye Design & Suzanna Kaye Organizing are entirely woman-owned and operated. Suzanna and all employees & contractors are also blessed to be or love a family member who are neuro-diverse, have critical health needs and/or are active service members. We're proud to be able to encourage & support ALL abilities, beliefs, backgrounds and preferences.) Learn more about Suzanna Kaye and her full-time Home & Paper Organizing business at http://www.SuzannaKaye.com