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Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers

TDSX's flagship product is named the Barracuda, which is a small man-portable autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) which can easily reach depths up to 500 meters. At 16 Kg (35 lbs), the Barracuda is light enough to be hand launched from a small vessel or from the shoreline. Although the vehicle has a small footprint, it is strong enough to withstand the pressures encountered at depth. The Barracuda was designed to allow the rapid collection of sub-sea data to support researchers, explorers, and individuals, as well as the objectives of the GEBCO Seabed 2030 Initiative.

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Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers

Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers

Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers is a maker of Underwater Autonomous Vehicles (AUVs). We also have made a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to be able to video the AUV. All are parts are commercial off the shelf or designed and created with Fusion 360 and either FDM or MDLP 3D printers. We are also members of the Tampa Hackerspace.