The Dragon's Horde

Handmade fantasy art sculptures and jewelry with a focus on dragons. Light up dragons, glow in the dark dragons, and color changing dragons are some of my specialties. I also make various other odd animal figures like glow in the dark Blobfish, armored battle corgis, grumpy chickens, and mystical Kitsune foxes. These figurines are 100% handmade from start to finish. I will also have some of my larger sculptures on display, including my sculpture of Figment!

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SnookDragon (Cid)

SnookDragon (Cid)

Making art brings me joy and I create my art from my home where I also raise my two children. Everything I make is done by hand. I start by designing on paper, then sculpt in clay, mold with silicone, and cast copies in durable resin that then are hand finished by me. I grew up in the wilds of central Florida, surrounded by an array of interesting reptiles that piqued my interest in the fantastic reptilian creatures known as dragons. For as long as I can remember I have had a love for dragons and fantasy creatures and that has always been depicted in my art. Art has always been my focus and I excelled in my studies in school winning several awards in art shows and through college where I studied fine art. Since 2013 I have been selling my handmade figurines on Etsy.